Screen Printing Services

  • No setup fees.
  • No surprise costs.
  • Low minimums.
  • Delivered on time (7-10 business days).
  • We match any color using the pantone® matching system.
  • We screen print using plastisol, discharge, and water-based inks.

When you need a custom t-shirt print shop we’ve got you covered! At Spin Ink, we have made customer satisfaction and quality of our top priority. Our aim is to supply you with a quality product that meets your needs. We specialize in custom screen-printing for organizations, clothing companies, schools, businesses, events, record labels, and direct to musicians.

Ordering is easy. Big, small, simple or complex, we are happy to supply you with custom printing and apparel services. We take pride in delivering crispy clean t shirt printing ready for you on time.


Justice Leauge T-Shirt

Standard Spot Color Screen Printing


Since 2011 Spin Ink Screen Printing has strived for quality over everything. Although nothing is “Standard” about our process, our standard printing procedure is spot color with PVC & phthalate-free plastisol inks.

We have inks that will work on any garment, but certain garments are better suited for certain art so if you don’t have something in mind let us recommend something that will work well with your art.

Waterbase & Discharge


Discharge inks use an extra activator chemical mixed in with water based inks and are screened onto colored garments. The extra ingredient is heat activated when run through our high-temperature dryers. The discharge chemical removes the dye from the fabric, leaving it in its natural off-white state under the printed ink.

The process results in a nice soft hand feel on dark garments that would otherwise require plastisol inks. This ink can be used by itself or in combination with other inks/treatments as a base for dark garments. This process is limited to some brands & 100% cotton garments only. Exact color matching is not always possible since garment type and color batches are not always consistent from shirt to shirt.

Simulated Process Screen Print

Simulated Process


Simulated Process Printing is a technique we have perfected over the years. This process allows for printing full-color high resolution graphics, especially photo-realistic images, to dark or light tees.

Most simulated process prints are 6-8 colors, although some designs are printed using 10 or more colors. We can print up to 12 colors on a single t-shirt Mix this with a discharge underbase and you’ll get a nice soft print as well.

These types of prints do have additional charges will apply to separate your image for screen printing. It varies from image to image, the cost is typical $20 per color, the more color, the more detail there will be in your image. We send out our simulated process color separation artwork to specialty artists in the industry that have been doing it for over 30 years.
This Step Brothers Print was done with 9 colors.

Rocnorth Apparel Metallic Ink

Metallic Inks, Glitter


Metallic inks have metal flakes suspended in the semi transparent base. They come in a handful of colors, with the most popular being gold, copper and silver. There are different types of metallic inks that can be used to achieve subtle differences even in the same color.

Metallic inks require a lower mesh count (larger holes between threads) screen so they work better with designs that don’t have fine details.

Foil Printing

Foil Printing

Looking for a way to make your shirts pop? Foil printing is a two part process that involves printing a layer of adhesive on the garment, curing it like normal ink and heat pressing a sheet of foil onto the adhesive.
We carry Gold, Silver, Green, Bronze, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Rainbow & Purple foil. Try to find that variety at your local print shop!

Oversized Screen Printing

To keep up with the trend in today’s fashion marketplace companies who use apparel as a way to market and generate revenue are offering larger logo options as an alternative to their standard branded shirt. At Scrappy, oversize printing is 15.5 x 22 inches and only one of the large format screen printing sizes we offer.

Four Color Process

Quality Artwork is Key to Success

While all good screen printing begins with good artwork, quality artwork becomes even more important when printing a four color process. It’s imperative that you use a high-resolution image for your four color process jobs. In fact, many screen printers will use oversized images to achieve the level of detail they need for these screen printing jobs.

In four color process screen printing, the substrate matters. Four color process printing is recommended for light — usually white or cream-colored — garments, as the different color variations do not stand out on dark garments. However, it is possible to print a good four color process image on a dark substrate with a white underbase, but it is not commonly done. Your chosen substrate should have a tight weave so that the individual dots have a surface on which to print; though you do need to be wary of heavy-duty materials woven of thick threads, as they can interfere with the detail of the half-tone dots.
Let us advise you on the best t-shirts to be used with 4 color process screen printing

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