We want your merchandise to be the best ever – that’s why we offer our clients the following retail finishing touches! These options will set you apart from your competitors, and take your brand to the next level.


No matter if you’re a touring band, starting a brand new clothing line, or a company distributing tee shirts to retail stores, we recognize that first impressions are everything. Polybagging your merchandise creates a polished look that protects your precious cargo from potential hazards. Also, the bags are size stickered, so the end result is completely organized and retail ready!







Do you want your shirts to be freshly folded and neatly arranged when they arrive at your door? Let us do the work for you! We will fold and size organize your tees for an extra professional touch!






custom branding


Custom Branding is the ultimate way to promote your own brand on each garment. We remove the original tag from the manufacturer and screen print your brand’s logo or design in its place. With this stylish enhancement, you’ll look like you’re producing your own apparel!






hang tagging


For an additional touch of class, send us any custom accent tags, and we’ll attach it to each garment with a plastic handing post. Just like that, your merchandise looks super professional!







sew on hem tags


Sew-On Hem Tags are another excellent way promote your brand on your merchandise. We can sew tags on the bottom hem of the shirt, the hem of the sleeve, or even replace the manufacturer’s tag on the neck of the shirt. Simply mail us the tags you’d like to use, or we can manufacture them for you!