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New Brunswick man creates clothing line to share Albert County pride

Clothing Line

WATCH ABOVE: The line of hoodies, t-shirts and sweat pants celebrate mud sliggin’ 4-wheeling, hardworking and hard playing good times in the foothills of Albert County, New Brunswick. Global’s Shelley Steeves reports.

An Albert County, N.B. man has created his own line of clothing to share his home county pride.

The new apparel is called Albert County Swag and was created by Glenn Tingley, who created the home county clothing line last summer.

The line of hoodies, T-shirts and sweat pants celebrate the foothills of Albert County, known to the locals as “God’s county,” and activities such as 4-wheeling in the mud.

“Partying and having a good time, that’s a big part of Albert County,” Tingley said.

Tingley and his partner in business and in life, Cindy Jardine, started the clothing line in August 2016 after he made a decal and put it on his truck with the words “Albert County Strong.”

The phrase he said resonated with people in the community and he had so many requests for the decals he decided to start screen printing hoodies and T-shirts with similar designs.

Within just a few months, the couple had sold hundreds of pieces and are now busy huddled into a tiny back room in their mobile home inking out their own home county clothing line on silk screen printer under the company name GT Designs.

Jardine said the pair can barely keep up with the orders for their classic Albert County hoodies and for the new designs that Glenn creates himself.

She said Tingley is the quiet creator while she gets the word out to would be retailers.

“It’s his words and my mouth.”

The apparel is now being sold in Riverview at John’s Garden Centre, and Coverdale Convenience where Crystal Jones said it’s hard to keep sizes in stock.

“It’s great people love them,” Jones said.

Jardine said business keeps growing.

“It’s going quite well we are quite excited about it all,” said Jardine.

She added she typically sticks to packing and distribution of the product and there is a reason for that.

“He made an Albert County Girl T-shirt and hoodie and I said to him that I didn’t like it at all. He said, ‘well I am going to make a couple and see how it goes.”

Jardine said she had to eat a little Albert County crow after they sold about 200 to 300 of those shirts.

“There have been a few designs that she has said, ‘well I really don’t like that’ and it proves to be popular,” Tingley said.

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